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Information for Parents

Drop off / Collection


On arrival at your child’s first session, the parent/carer must complete a registration form for the child who wishes to join. This will give us all the important information about your child which will help us keep them safe and adapt our approach to make them feel welcome and comfortable.


Although we are unable to physically stop children making their own way to the project, we encourage our parents to drop their children off to the project and walk them into the building. (in the winter months we have leaders on the gate) Children are not allowed to the leave the session unaccompanied by an adult. The adult must be a parent/Carer or name listed on the child’s application form or we must be pre-notified of changes to collection.


Children have a self-register where they must sign in and out at the beginning and end of every session. Parents are not allowed to stay at our youth sessions, the main reason being to provide a safe space for young people and minimize safeguarding risks. It also helps create a positive environment for children to learn. Our youth leaders are great at understanding the social needs of our young people and allowing adults to sit in can ‘destroy the environment’ we have created for them and adulterate their activities.