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Our Fundraising

The Junior DJ Project is run by Volunteer Youth Leaders and relies mostly on members fee's to cover all the running costs; such as venue hire, insurance, leader training and marketing.


Occasionally we recieve grants and funding of small sums, but to ensure we can maintain and upgrade our equipment we have to fundraise to ensure we can provide the best possible facilities and opportunities for the young people that access our service.


Previously we raised just over

£800 from a 12-Hour DJ Marathon,

which was also sponsored by

Gearooz, a DJ Equipment Supplier

based in Shoreham who matched

our fundraising efforts in order to

purchase the Pioneer XDJ-RX2

which we currently use at the



Since running the Tuck Shop at the Junior DJ Project, and using donations from various community events over the summer we have been able to purchase an electric drum kit which the children can use to make their own beats and DJ other the top.




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