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Information for Parents

Session Structure


The Junior DJ Project is broken down into 3 terms: (A term is 14 or 15 sessions)


Term 1 – September-December (Session runs through October Half Term)

Term 2 – January-April (Session runs through February Half Term, 1 session in April Holidays – closed Good Friday)

Term 3 – April-July (Session runs through May Half Term, last session is last Friday of July)

7:00pm – Gates are open: Children enter (the gate are supervised at all times when unlocked) Youth leaders will be interacting with the children and encouraging them to set-up any equipment and begin practising skills they already know. We also have DJ Project colouring and activity sheets available.


7:10pm – Gates locked and session starts: We start the session with a group interaction circle in the main hall and provide a warm up game or activity. The children will be then be sent to complete the weeks task or challenge on the mixers. Any new members will be shown the basics on one of the mixers by a youth leader. (Late arrivals will need to ring the doorbell)


7:45pm – Break: we will stop for a short 5-10 minute break. Water, juice and biscuits will be available on the tuck shop counter. On occasions where we are hosting a themed night (Pizza, popcorn, ice-cream etc.) this will be offered at the same time.


8:25pm – Gates unlocked, parents collect from inside the building (March – September) Gates remain locked for October-February and children will be dismissed from the gates.


Throughout the session we operate a tuck shop for the children, selling small sweets and drinks. Most children usually bring £1 which is more than enough to get themselves a drink and a couple of sweets. Please ensure your child knows how much they are allowed to spend as it can be difficult for our youth leaders to remember.